Brrrr days are coming

February 10, 2015

It’s been two days that i’ve been in Balikpapan. That whole days Jakarta has been poured with constant raining. Some points are trapped in flood as I follow news update on TV and Internet. But that is not what happen in Balikpapan. Yes it was raining the first day I was here. But then it stoppen in the afternoon and this morning onwards havent seen rain. I will be stepped in Jakarta on 2pm today, hope the universe will be so kind until I reach home, so I can avoid unfriendly traffic.

So the day is Tuesday (10 Feb) n I am sitting in boarding room of Garuda Indonesia in Balikpapan. Boarding time is 12.45, hope there will not be any delay today.

Lately, I felt like i’ve been given ease in everything. I suddenly get acquinted by BNI Syariah official which inline with what eni is planning to do ahead. I really believe that this is has something to do with what I have done spiritually..and I need to do more of it.

Ok that’s it for now, I have to board!


Weekend as normal

January 31, 2015

The day is Saturday (31 Jan). Never once in my life sitting here at Starbuck Terogong if isnt because of taking Ranya to her birthday friend. Here I am sitting with crossed legs n accomoanied by two drinks (lemonade and ice cappu) on a hot day like today..



This weekend will be a normal one, going to the mall, eating out, movie etc. I really wanna have unusual weekend, grill some foods at home or stay out late eating n drinking. Anyway, its last day of Jan 2015, coming months will be wildly busy, work, bro Agho’s wedding, training, Didiet’s wedding and some unplanned events. Excited and cannot wait, especially for my Bali Read the rest of this entry »

Year end is a breath away

December 30, 2014

Hey hoo..the day is Tuesday 30 Dec 2014 (13.45 @office_room)…it’s a breath away to 2015…,

looking back to 2014, still feeling blessed with all I have..beautiful wife, two cute, annoying, and silly rascals. It was not like previous years..2014 went slower..not much excitement and achievement. Jobwise I got a new position in new office, new friends new team.. personalwise moving to new house, new area of authorities, and new costs to spend. Lil bro had his married proposal (finally, we’ll always pray for you for the best..)

Unlike the past years, for the 2015 i’d like to set some resolutions I can always open this page to remind me of what to achieve..

1. more lose weight (60kg)

2. more savings (for year end holiday-Japan/Europe/Umroh)

3. bimonthly family vacation

there, I think that are not too much to set..

Now the year end party will likely be just us the XBata family, doing some grilling in the pool area with some firecrackers to light up the night. infact I really expect a grilling with beers and some silly fellas with old jokes and shits…playing 90s songs along with simple guitar chords and imperfect singing notes…but then family shall come first, so I’ll just  follow the flow..

see you in 2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Nearing year end, work just wont stop

December 19, 2014

Heyho, it’s Friday (19/12) sitting on Aston Balikpapan resto with colleagues waiting a pick up car for Jakarta. Its been 3 days I am in thc city of crab. Still having a work to be done eventhough year end is coming very soon. Usually at time like this, I am already packed my bag for a holiday trip. But this year is different and I thank God for this job. Holiday can wait.

Well I am excited to see my babies in Jakarta and make preparation for weekend famgath at our house. So see u back in Jakarta *sleep*

2011 holiday..

December 12, 2014

New year means holiday..a beary long one, the most exciting part this time is, we spend it together with our new family member..everyone please welcomeee…Ranya!!!….yay..yes our 1st kiddo..and yes it is her 1st trip to is she doin in Jakarta…here the story begins…Ranya n her mom went to Jakarta from Nov 10, Granny came to pick them up together with granny Upi. I taken them to the sad to see her leaving me for the 1st time. Meanwhile I tried to enjoy myown time in Perth..exploring the city for the remaining 14 days before leaving Perth for Jakarta on 23 Nov.


December 12, 2014

This is Friday (12/12) always excited about Friday since it marks the weekend. It was a packed week, 1st steel cut and skk Migas visit were too much for us GRB team. Now it is time to abit of a relax. I always hope that weekend will be lazy time for me n family. Just cook simple menus and do simpke stuff with the kids.

Seeing all close relatives are having trips outta town, it seems that what will happen this Saturday n Sunday. Anyway, cuteboy finally dead after keepeing up alive for few days with rat bite on his tongue, hopefully Vella will strife. I dont know if we’ll look for other rabbit to replace cuteboy. Maybe not now.

What important now is what will I cook this Weekend..hmm you’ll know

Morning walk Ragunan

December 7, 2014

This Sunday morning IKKM DKI is having morning walk around Ragunan Zoo. Estimatedly 25 member joining in. Its started at 6.45 stop at tukang pecel for a breakfast then continue the walk to parking lot. This isnt really like a sport walk but more to IKKM family gathering


Weather is nice, Ragunan is much friendlier than it was 10 years ago.


Many people visit this place for the sake of running or jogging than family picnic. Except in the afternoon to evening. Also visitors like to enjoy morning snacking with the available traditional food like kerak telor and pecel.


It’s 8 now I think it is now time to go home for another event to catch up.

Welcome to the Era where an int’l airport can experience power failure

December 3, 2014

The day is Wednesday (3 Dec 2014), Dara and me are excited to visit Batam for Tanjung Balai Karimun, a city or island to be exact where eni will have a ceremony for FPU installment shortly. We’re depart from our office at Pondok Indah at 11.15. As usual we’re stop by at Ikkudo Ichi that delicious Japanese noodle resto at PIK. And continue the trip to airport after then. As soon as we arrived we found that stores lights were off at the airport. Curious with the situation, Dara asked the store attend with “yes” as a reply. Cozy and overwhelming Garuda Exec. Lounge suddenly turned into a steaming sauna.

We decided to go a bookstore to kill the time.

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“Benvenuto dicembre..!”

December 1, 2014

Hai..hellow…nice to see you again my long lost blog….

been wondering if you’re automatically deactivated, amazingly no…

well..few of my writings told you that I am a consistently inconsistent writer..indeed I am. my last post was dated Sept 30,2011 (more than three years) “unleash the brain”. How many books can I produce with such abundant time. from now on lets have a commitment..this will be the new stories ahead.

So lets start with the heading, what’s with the italian title up there?. It is not something that I put without a reason, it highlights that this is my 2nd journey to an Italian oil and gas co.,can you guess?, yeap eni (ente nationale idrocarbury- you might want to Google it for sure). So it was started Jan 2014, when I was just begun deepened my expertise as a comdev n PR specialist at Tately NV.
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Unleash the brain

September 30, 2011

So…this is the last day of Sept 2011, couple of days ago I celebrated my 32nd Bday how old is that :(. But well, this is the moment I am about to enter my new adventurous, challenging, and full-of-excitement days… All I am talking about is new role in new work place.. Only within 2 weeks I got the position I’ve been craving for, a desk-field job, great office, a dream team, and very good cash .. thank be to GOD..It’s an oil n gas company based in Malaysia. The office itself is at Plaza Bapindo Mandiri Tower 21st Floor. A series of work requirements I took, interview, health test etc. Offering letter signed, a week after the interview, a week later the Boss invited me for a lunch meeting at Pacific Place. The meeting was also to inform me that I will be sent to West Sulawesi for a site-visit on my 1st day at work…how interesting is that. A bunch of questions linger in my head..but well, I am so this is the moment that I will again.., unleash my brain…wish me luck!